Have you tried Laser to remove unwanted hair, and not been satisfied with the results?  Here’s why: Laser is classified as hair REDUCTION, NOT hair REMOVAL.  Electrolysis is the ONLY proven method of PERMANENT hair removal approved by the FDA.  For over 139 years Electrolysis has been the only researched and permanent solution to treat unwanted hair on any area of the body.  Electrolysis is effective on every hair type, regardless of color or coarseness, and is safe on any skin type.  To learn more, browse through our web site.

Electrolysis National Trainer and Certified Professional Electrologist, CPE meeting your hair removal needs for 27 years

Located in Northwest Austin. We use the new, state of the art 27.12 MgHz Apilus X-Cell Epilator for unrivaled effectiveness and comfort. You will experience faster results. The only thing you will lose is HAIR!!!!

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Electrolysis with Apilus X-Cell

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