The world-exclusive design of the Apilus® Platinum™ uses an ultrarapid 27 MHz frequency that is twice as fast as any other epilator. Thanks to its new hair removal modes performed with this 27 MHz frequency (PicoFlash™, Synchro™, PicoBlend™ and EvoluBlend™), it is able to specifically target and coagulate the cells responsible for hair growth, thereby providing effectiveness and comfort never before seen in permanent hair removal!

Furthermore, you can develop customer loyalty not only with the comfortable treatments you provide, but also thanks to the a-la-carte epilation system offered by the Apilus® Platinum™. You will now be able to sell Apilus® smart cards to your clients with a number of prepaid hair removal treatment hours, thereby securing immediate income.

The Apilus® Platinum™ is also equipped with the VitaPhase™ IM device, which allows you to perform iontophoresis treatments as well as active vibro-massages in synergy with the “Cataphoresis” and “Anaphoresis” modes on the device.

With its leading-edge technology, the Apilus® Platinum™ also allows you, thanks to its computer link and with the Alpha Salon® software (optional), to directly transfer all data concerning your hair removal treatments to your salon’s computer system and easily update your personalized client files.

For a comprehensive overview of all the functions available on the Apilus® Platinum™ to help you make an informed decision on which device suits you best,

39,1 cm (15.4″) ? 30,5 cm (12″) ? 21,6 cm (8.5″)

4 kg (8.8 lb)

Code: 01-0505