The Apilus® SX-500™ is the leader in its category in terms of permanent hair removal. No other system using the 13.56 MHz frequency allows you to obtain such performance, treatment effectiveness and comfort. The Apilus® SX-500™ incorporates the full gamut of modern hair removal techniques (MultiPlex™, MicroFlash™, MultiBlend™, OmniBlend™,…) and all the functions that come with all Apilus® 13.56 MHz epilator, plus an intelligent management software.

For a comprehensive overview of all the functions available on the Apilus® SX-500™ to help you make an informed decision on which device suits you best.

39,1 cm (15.4″) ? 30,5 cm (12″) ? 21,6 cm (8.5″)

5,1 kg (11.4 lb)

Code: 01-0305