Distorted Hair Follicles

The most common methods of temporary hair removal that pluck the hair, such as waxing, tweezing, or threading, can have unintended consequences. Each time a hair is plucked, it causes trauma to the base of the hair. This can cause the follicle to distort and result in ingrown hairs. This is most common in the chin area, underarms, bikini line, and abdomen. These ingrown hairs are not only painful and frustrating, but they can cause serious problems to the skin such as hyperpigmentation and even infection. People susceptible to keloids must be especially careful with ingrown hairs.

When the hair follicle is very distorted, special treatments are needed. Multiplex™ is the ideal technique to treat distorted hair. It is a slow thermolysis process available in the Apilus Platinum epilator. Thanks to its warming process Multiplex covers a wider zone at the base of the follicle, thereby achieving greater follicle destruction.

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