Cristina Navarrete, BBA, CPE, AANT

Ms. Navarrete is the owner of IBC and its principal electrologist. Her extensive experience as both a practicing electrologist and a trainer, as well as her personal commitment to her craft, make Ms. Navarrete one of the leading practitioners in the country. When the manufacturer of the cutting edge Apilus Platinum epilator was seeking to improve on an early prototype of the machine Ms. Navarrete was requested to put it to the test. Many of the settings in the final product sold today resulted from Ms. Navarrete’s findings and recommendations.

In addition to her expertise and qualifications, Ms. Navarrete is deeply empathetic with her patients. Since birth, she suffered from hirsutism: excessive hair growth due to increased levels of androgens. Beginning at age 19 she endured 2 years of daily electrolysis treatments, back when the epilators were not as efficient and mild as today’s models. Because of this experience, Ms. Navarrete knows firsthand what it’s like to have a lot of unwanted hair, and the time and financial commitment that is demanded from the electrolysis patient.


Certified Professional Electrologist
Practicing Electrologist, 25 Years
Electrologist Trainer, 22 Years. View Courses Taught.
Académie Apilus National Trainer
Past President, Texas Association of Professional Electrologists
Vice-President, Texas Association of Professional Electrologists
Member, American Electrology Association

Higher Education

Certified Professional Electrologist., C.P.E.
International Board of Electrologists
Certificate for the Teaching of Académie Apilus
Dectro Institute California, U.S.A.
Académie Apilus Continuing Education Program
Dectro Institute California, U.S.A.
Carrer in Electrolysis Short Wave & Ultra High Frequency
Graduate Electrologist
Institute Kre-Mex of Mexico
Business Administration with Specialty in Finances
Professional Title. Honorable Mention
University ISEC Superior Institute of Commercial Studies

Continuing Education Courses Taken

Seminars, American Electrology Association, 2005-2012:

How to Treat Dark Skin Effectively
Special Features for Distorted Hair Follicles
Update on Laser Medical Devices on Hair Removal Methods
Uproot old attitudes
The Consultation: Maximizing its power
Diabetes 2012, What can you do to help
The Immune System
Electrologists Building Working Relations with the Health Care System
Infection Control and Prevention for Electrologists facilities
Brow Power. Speaker: June Allen, RE, RI, CPE
Emotional Intelligence and Client Loyalty. Speaker: Laura Butler, AS
How Long Does Permanent Hair Removal Take? Speaker: Elizabeth Gundlach, CPE
The Nature of Transsexualism and the Role of the Electrologist. Speaker: Sara Kristine Becker, MD
Drug-Induced Hirsutism. Speaker: Mike Kendrach, PharmD, BSPharm
Anatomy and Physiology of Skin and Hair. Speaker: Vickie Keough, RN, PhD, ACNP, CCRN
Laser Epilator vs Electrolysis
Healthy Work Environment
Reading Faces
Infection Control and Pathogens
Self-Care for the Electrologist
Dermatology for 2006
Empathy, the Key to Success
Feminization Surgery of the Transsexual
Dynamic Relationship Skills
Sterilization, Disinfection and Sanitation in the Workplace
How Lasers Affect Electrolysis
Natural Hormone Balance: Every Stage of Life
Mastering the Art of Insertions
Workplace Safety and Cleanliness
50 Years of Epilators
Documentation, Professional and Personal Standards
Universal Precautions

Specialization Courses, Académie Apilus, Apilus Center, 2004:

Advanced Consultation
Apilus Aplication Techniques
Hygiene and Safety
Skin and Pounds Sebaceous Unit
Professional Code of Ethics
Thermolysis Technique
Electrolysis and Blend Technique
Treating Dark-Skinned Clients
Advanced Electroepilation Technologies
Position and Insertion in Electroepilation
Management Systems in Electroepilation
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