Oxygen Therapy

As we age, our blood circulation slows and the supply of oxygen to cells is consequently diminished. Oxygen is essential for the cellular renewal process to occur. In order to delay skin aging, it is imperative to stimulate this process by increasing the amount of oxygen in the cells. Once cleared of impurities with a microdermabrasion treatment, the skin can “breathe” again and absorb all the active ingredients it needs.

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We increase the supply of oxygen to the cells with the Vital O2™ Oxygen Therapy System. It is completely safe because there is no oxygen tank. It works by continual recharge and generates 98% pure oxygen. Also, much like the VitaPeel, this top-range system offers a three-step working technique:

The first step, Intra-epidermal Injection, is the most important and the most impressive of the three steps. It enables pure oxygen to penetrate with the active ingredients of endocosmetic serums in the basal layer of the epidermis, which is the precise area where cellular exchanges occur. Oxygen and active ingredients (nutrients) are infused in the basal layer where they are captured during the cells’ rejuvenation. The infusion occurs with air pressure, not with a needle. Intra-epidermal Injection reduces the appearance of wrinkles, moisturizes the deeper levels of the skin, prevents pigment spots, controls certain acne types, and generally delays skin aging. For the best results, this step should be preceded by microdermabrasion or intense exfoliation.
The second step, Inhalation, consists of supplying oxygen to cells through the bloodstream. With the Vital O²™ Oxygen Therapy system, the client inhales pure oxygen for 10 or 15 minutes in order to stimulate cellular metabolism. This technique, adopted long ago by athletes before competing, gives a boost of energy, improves concentration, and can even help reduce headaches. For aromatherapy enthusiasts, the oxygen inhalation can be combined with pure essential oils.
The last step, Nebulization, allows the face to be bathed in a light drizzle containing an oxygenated lotion. This step tones the skin and gives it radiance. It also reduces redness and even controls some cases of acne or eczema.


Supplies oxygen needed to ensure cellular renewal
Instantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Replenishes deep skin moisture
Reduces pigment spots and acne
Improves blood and lymph circulation
Reduces signs of skin aging
Reduces cellulite and stretch marks
Unforgettable refreshing experience

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