M M., Yelp Review

Thank you yelp!!!!!! Seriously, I don’t know where I’d be now without Yelp. After having the worst experience from laser hair removal on my face, which by the way causes any naturally fine hair on your face or body to grow at super fast speeds, I thought I was out of options. Before laser, I didn’t have any issues with facial hair; after laser, I could actually see very fine hairs growing abnormally long. Even though I’ve heard of electrolysis years ago, I assumed it would be expensive and required too much time for each hair. Well, that may be the case with some electrologists, but fortunately I found a very qualified electrologist whom has genuinely helped me rid of unwanted hair on my face and body. Initially I was planning on doing just my face, but after seeing how quick and effective and PAINLESS it is, I decided to do my bikini area too. It’s also far more cost-effective when compared to laser,: ... Read More

Jessica P., Yelp Review

Cristina is truly exceptional when it comes to electrolysis. I had been seeing Cristina in Houston but am willing to drive to Austin to get treated by her! (That’s how much I will vouch for her). I recommend her work without reservation. As if that wasn’t enough, Cristina is truly personable and a superb provider of customer service. Also, Cristina is licensed to do what she does. There are many people who claim to know electrolysis that are not only not knowledgeable but haven’t had the appropriate training to be licensed and be able to do this work and do it right. Cristina is not only licensed but is also called on t educate newcomers onto the field. ...Read More

Crystal S., Yelp Review

ristina is the best out there! She listens to your concerns, I’ve seen amazing results in less time that what she originally thought it would take! If you need an electrolysis she is the best out there. I would be lost without her! ...Read More

Gracelyn, Yelp Review

I’m currently going to Cris for electrolysis on my legs, and I can say without a doubt that she’s the best decision I’ve ever made in terms of hair removal. There are three reasons in particular that I highly recommend Cris for anyone considering electrolysis: ...Read More

Karen, Citysearch Review

Best electrologist on the planet! I have seen electrologists in 5 different cities. Some have been good, but nothing compares to Cristina! She treats her clients as she would want to be treated herself – gently, carefully, compassionately, professionally… Her technique and up-to-date equipment minimizes the discomfort. She maintains a sterile environment, so you have no worries there. She is a perfectionist, yet her skill level is so high that she is able to make progress quickly ...Read More

JM, Citysearch Review

Austin’s Best Electrolysis. IBC is the third electrolysis office I have been to and I am certain it is the last — I have found my perfect match when it comes to electrolysis! Cristina is extremely skilled in her field and is constantly updating her skills by attending conferences and is also always on the lookout for the latest advances in technology and equipment. She is the best at what she does. Having been through electrolysis with two other places (one also in Austin), I can say that my hair removal with Cristina was much quicker and much less painful. I wish I had come to her sooner! ...Read More

Raul, Citysearch Review

Best electrologist in town! I originally tried laser therapy. Not only was it extremely painful but they said it wouldn’t work with gray hair. It actually didn’t work at all and all the hair came back ...Read More

JMS, Citysearch Review

The best in Austin, for sure. When I first met Cristina, I was referred by another electrolysis lady who was moving away. This lady had been to Cristina and reported that she was the best in town and the machine that she uses is the best in the business because it is both faster and less painful than other electrolysis machines ...Read More


Cristina is the best electrologist you’ll ever meet. She is always very concerned about making sure you’re comfortable. Cristina’s love for her job and each of her clients’ well-being, makes her a unique electrologist because she is not only empathetic and kind, but she is talented and incredibly well educated...
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