Transgender Care

We have extensive experience working with transgender clients from all over the country and understand the need for comfortable and effective hair removal treatments. We can treat hair on any part of the body and we will work with you to create a treatment plan that dovetails with your needs and schedule.

Most transgender clients choose to begin their treatment on their face. Electrolysis is the ideal hair removal method for facial hair because it is effective on all hair and skin types, and it is the only hair removal method that is truly permanent. At IBC, our state of the art machines allows us to treat more hair per session, decreasing the amount of time needed to complete your transformation. We use only insulated probes when treating stubborn hair in the facial area to protect your skin and provide the most comfortable experience.

For pre-operative clients, treating the genital area prior to surgery is a critical step towards full transformation. We are familiar with the surgical procedures needed for your transformation and can provide guidance on the areas that should be treated prior your surgery. For example, in order to construct a clitoral hood, skin surrounding the base of the penis will be used and therefore will need to be cleared of hair before the procedure. While it is not required to permanently remove hair in this area prior to surgery, it is not possible to remove hairs in this area after the surgery is complete. If you are circumcised, you may also need a penoscrotal flap performed during reconstructive surgery, which requires an area of the scrotum to be cleared of hair.

We welcome and encourage any transgender clients to contact us today so that we may help you reach your goals.

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