Wax Services

Smooth skin, the goal of most all waxing treatments. We offer the finest professional products to ensure our clients achieve perfection. An easy way to maintain hair growth.

Waxing should be done every 4 weeks, or as soon as the hair is at least 1/4 of an inch long.

IBC is committed to serve you with the most high quality service. To that end, we will not rush any wax service. We schedule sufficient time to perform a correct, professional, customized and warm service. You will never have a rushed waxing at IBC!

Note: Due to their skin-thinning effect, we cannot wax any area that is being treated with Retin-A, nor treat anyone taking Accutane.


Service Price
Lip $15
Brow shaping/wax/tweeze $25+
Brow & Lip $35
Sideburns $15
Nose $10
Cheeks $15
Full Face $30
Full Face with brow and lip $55
Neck $20+
Underarm $25+
Arms Full $35+
Arms Half $30+
Legs Full $60+
Legs Half $35+
Chin $15
Bikini $40+
Brazilian $60+
Brazilian / Full Legs $120+
Chest or Back $50+
Shoulders $20+
Abdomen $35+

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