Cataphoresis is a post-epilatory electrical treatment which soothes the skin and prevents infection. Its benefits include:

Relieves redness, inflammation and irritation due to a vasocontriction
Restores the skin's natural pH level
Soothes the skin and provides germicidal benefits to prevent infection
Promotes greater penetration of active products to enhance the effectiveness of your treatment
Accelerates the skin's healing process

Cataphoresis is an integrated option in our electrolysis machines, and is accomplished by applying an ionizable product on the skin. By using ionizable products we maximize the effect of cataphoresis and the active ingredients of the product will penetrate deep into the skin, producing the greatest results. The redness that can be produced by electrolysis is significantly reduced with this process, which will bactericide, and germicide the area. In 30 to 45 minutes after the cataphoresis your skin will appear almost completely normal.

At IBC we strive to perform an efficient hair removal treatment and, with cataphoresis, we also facilitate the healing your skin needs after the electrolysis. Despite its effectiveness, cataphoresis unfortunately is not used at most clinics. Our use of cataphoresis is a significant benefit over other clinics that do not offer it.

There are some situations where cataphoresis is contraindicated and should not be performed. Please let us know if any of the following conditions apply to you prior to your treatment:

Heart disease, pacemaker or any electronic or metallic implant
Viral hepatitis or AIDS
Cancerous lesions
Absence of sensory perception or numbness
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