Teen Care

It’s not easy being a teenager! Hormones are kicking in and bodies are changing rapidly, and unfortunately many teens find themselves embarrassed or humiliated by unwanted hair. Many teens turn to temporary hair removal methods like shaving, waxing and plucking. However, these methods are short-lived and may even cause hair to grow back darker and thicker. They can even lead to painful ingrown hairs – ouch! Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal solution that is safe for all ages.

Some parents may have concerns about their child undergoing permanent hair removal at a young age. Our suggestion to any concerned parent is to talk about hair removal options with your teen and discuss which areas of the body they are most embarrassed about. The ideal time to have this conversation is before they have used any temporary hair removal techniques. Once you understand your teen’s concerns, schedule an appointment with us to discuss treatment options.

We offer a free consultation and 15 minute electrolysis session for any new teenage client. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns with a professional electrologist. This also gives your teen the opportunity to see how electrolysis feels and confirm whether he or she is willing to commit to regular sessions. It is essential that he or she is motivated and willing to commit to a regular schedule to achieve the best results.

It is important for teenagers to feel good about themselves. Imagine the time and energy a teen could save over the course of their life if they were able to permanently remove their unwanted hair so early!

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